Deborah Grace Staley, Founder

Deborah Grace Staley, holds an MFA in creative writing and is a multi-published, bestselling and award-winning author of genre fiction. After moving to  beautiful South  Florida, she loved writing there so much that she wanted to share the experience with others. Close to the Atlantic Ocean, retreaters and workshop participants will find the perfect  setting to relax, discover, and create with the educational  support to help make their dreams of publication a reality.

Located in Beautiful South Florida

Work in a beautiful setting near the ocean while you develop your craft or work remotely and dream of palm trees and warm sea breezes while your own personal coach motivates and supports you as you finish the beautiful, moving manuscript inside you!

Editorial Services & Coaching

Let us help you develop and polish your manuscript so that it's the best it can be when you submit or self-publish. With more than 25 years of publishing experience, whatever your needs, we are here to help!

Since You Asked


"Deborah has been of immeasurable help in the honing of the writing skills so necessary to me. Her ability to step into 'whatever world' required to assist in one's writing is amazing. I have nothing but high praise for her as both a professional and an individual." Dr. W.E. Baker

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Deb's Scandalous Moves series is heating things up this summer. Visit www.deborahgracestaley.com for more information and to buy books!


  • How long will it take to have my book edited? This typically depends on how clean your manuscript is and the length. We will read a sample for free so that we can give you an accurate price and timeline. It will save you time and money if the manuscript is as clean as possible when you send it to us.
  • What do I need to send you? A Word/.doc file, double spaced, times new roman 12 pt. font with a coversheet that includes the name of the book, genre, and word count.
  • How will I know what changes I need to make to my manuscript? Our professional editors will provide you with a revision memo as well as include track changes on your manuscript.
  • Will someone read my manuscript after I have revised it? That's up to you. If you'd like an additional read, we can do so for an extra fee.


  • I've finished my book, but I'm not sure what I need. If you are self-publishing, you need an editor to read your manuscript to determine what, if anything, needs to be revised. Once you have done the revision, you will need a line/copy edit where someone looks at your grammar, word choice, redundancies, timeline/detail errors, etc. Next, you will need someone to proofread to look for typos and other errors. This is best if done after the layout for publication is complete. This way, any spacing errors can be addressed. You will need to write or hire someone to write a book blurb to entice readers to buy your book. Next, you'll need to set up accounts with the online platforms where you will sell your book. The final step is uploading the book to these platforms. You can do this yourself, but you'll need a Mac to upload to iTunes.


  • Why is it so expensive to have my book revised, edited and proofed? Professional services come at a price and are an investment in your business. You want your book to looked polished and clean. We base our prices on recommendations of the Editorial Freelancers Association. http://the-efa.org/res/rates.php
  • Do you have a retreat center on the beach? No. But we are only a mile or so away. All retreats will include sessions at the beach.